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Women’s Equality Day

DNC Chair Donna Brazile’s Women’s Equality Day statement: “When I was born, my mother faced barriers to the vote based solely on the color of her skin. Women were severely underpaid, and women’s voices were ignored in making decisions for our county. Today, I have the privilege of serving as Chair of one of our nation’s two major political parties – a party that has nominated a woman as our candidate for the most powerful elected office on the planet. That profound shift in opportunity for women is due in large part to the American suffragists, who understood the power of the vote, and who organized to fight for it.” Read more here.

Lottie Shackelford’s op-ed in The Hill: “Today we celebrate Women’s Equality Day and the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which enshrined women’s voting rights in our constitution. The anniversary is a reminder of the progress our nation has made when it comes to the treatment of women, and an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to the unfinished work in the fight for full equality — starting with electing the first female President of the United States.” Read more here.

Temperament: Divisive & Dangerous

 DNC releaseSorry, Donald. It’s not just Hillary Clinton who has called you out for your racially-charged and divisive rhetoric. Read what GOPers are saying here.

New HFA reportHillary for America released a report on Donald Trump’s embrace of a disturbing, extreme set of views echoed by white nationalists and conspiracy theorists who refer to themselves as “Alt-Right.” As the Southern Poverty Law Center has explained, this movement consists of “a set of far-right ideologies, groups and individuals whose core belief is that ‘white identity’ is under attack by multicultural forces using ‘political correctness’ and ‘social justice’ to undermine white people and ‘their’ civilization.” Read the report here.

HFA adHillary for America released a powerful new ad exposing Donald Trump for being out of touch with the African American community.

New York Daily News: Editorial Board: The malignant Mr. Trump and his campaign of hate and haters 

The cancer that is Donald Trump is eating at the health of America’s body politic with increasing virulence.

After launching his campaign as a candidate who would defy stifling political correctness, Trump has evolved into a would-be President who is empowering white supremacists and conspiracy theorists while propagating stereotypes of African Americans. . . Trump’s behavior on the campaign trail has been recited so often that many voters have become inured to his insults, while also rejecting his fitness for the White House. His goal now is to convince Americans that the Trump cancer has gone into remission. It hasn’t and it’s still cancer.


DNC release: Trump In His Own Words on Immigration

On CNN yesterday, Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said, “[Trump] hasn’t changed his position on immigration, he has changed the words that he is saying.” All one has to do is look at his record to know that his position on immigration hasn’t changed. Trump has doubled down on his divisive rhetoric and dangerous policy ideas and reinforced that he would deport 16 million people. He has made demonizing immigrants the centerpiece of his campaign from day one. Take a look at what he’s said about immigration and about immigrants here.

Washington Post: Katie Zezima: Poll finds rejection of many of Trump’s views on immigration

A new Pew Research Center poll finds Americans broadly rejecting many of Donald Trump’s views on immigration, at a time when Trump is striking a markedly different tone on the issue to make inroads with minority voters and turn around depressed poll numbers generally. Large majorities of those surveyed said they think undocumented immigrants fill jobs that U.S. citizens do not want, are as honest and hardworking as U.S. citizens and are no more likely than citizens to commit serious crimes — sound rebukes of Trump’s rhetoric on immigration.

Tax Returns

Washington Post: Danielle Allen: Donald Trump must think we’re all fools

Eric Trump thinks his dad shouldn’t release his taxes because then there would be “a bunch of people who know nothing about taxes trying to look through and trying to come up with assumptions on things they know nothing about.” Well, I’m sure it’s true that out here among us little people in the great beyond of non-billionaire-land, there are some who know very little about taxes and who couldn’t do much with Donald Trump’s returns, but there are also an awful lot of us for whom taxes are a part of a lifelong adult learning curriculum that even brings an excruciating, annual deep-dive refresher course.

Economic Fairness: Small Business

HFA release: Hillary Clinton’s Small Business Plan Drives Coverage in Battleground States

As Donald Trump spent the week reeling from his latest staff shakeup and attempting to answer for a campaign trafficking in hatred and bigotry, Hillary Clinton released a plan detailing policy solutions to make life easier for small business at every step of the way. Throughout the week, small business events took place in Virginia, Ohio, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Maine, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada and Texas. Find a sampling of local coverage here.

The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump

An interesting article published in the May 20, 2016 The New Yorker magazine, entitled The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump, and authored by Adam Gopnik, is a frightening expose on how Trump is changing the political landscape and why we must be cognizant of what is happening because of him.

You should be sure to read this article and suggest it to all of your friends and acquaintances, both Democrats and Republicans.  The link to the article is:
http://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/the-dangerous-acceptance-of-donald-trump.  If at the link you cannot get to the article, please click on the following image: