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RCDP Resolutions

The following resolutions were reviewed and endorsed by the Riverside County Democratic Party general membership on Monday, June 12, 2017.


In Support of District Voting in the City of Indio

Whereas, the City of Indio has historically held at-large elections where every voter votes for all candidates on the ballot, and

Whereas, since the enactment of the Voting Rights Act in 1965 numerous at-large systems have been struck down and new elections codes have been enacted, and

Whereas, district voting gives residents in the area better, more representative representation.

Therefore be it resolved, that the Riverside County Democratic Party applauds the Indio City Council as it moves to District Voting pursuant to Elections Code Section 10010 after adopting a resolution stating the following criteria requiring that:

1) Each council district contain nearly equal population

2) Each district be drawn to comply with Federal Voting Rights Act

3) No council district shall be drawn with race as predominant factor

4) Each council district shall be contiguous & as compact as possible

5) Each council district shall respect communities of interest as much as possible

6) Each council district border shall follow visible natural & man-made geographical & topographical features as much as possible and

7) Each council district boundaries shall respect the previous choices of the voters by avoiding the pairing of incumbents in the same electoral district, insofar as this does not conflict with federal or state law, and

Be it further resolved, a copy of this resolution be sent to the Indio City Council asking them to hold firm with first districts holding elections under this method November 2018.

Protect Our National Monuments and Public Lands

Whereas, President Theodore Roosevelt in his first term as President made environmental conservation a cornerstone of his Presidency and dedicated Devils Tower the first United States Monument in 1906 thereby setting our Country on a course of preservation of unique public lands keeping them for the public in perpetuity, and

Whereas our national monuments and parks are treasures that must be protected from exploitation, destruction and provide beautiful places in which people can find history, beauty, solitude and spiritual rebirth, and

Whereas our national monuments and parks also provide economic benefit to the communities that surround them and if destroyed can never be replaced.

Therefore be it resolved that the Riverside County Democratic Party vigorously opposes the movement and/or any plans of the current presidential administration to declassify 23 national monuments in 11 states including the Sonoran Desert, the San Gabriel Mountains, Cascade Siskiyou and parts of the Grand Canyon to declare they are not public lands and open them for private development and oil/gas drilling, and

Be it further resolved that this resolution be forwarded to the Mike T. Reynolds, Acting Director, National Park Service, Senators Feinstein and Harris and the California Democratic Congressional Delegation requesting that they vigorously oppose declassifying any of our National Monuments and actively support keeping all of our National Monuments and public lands public.

Progressive News from Democratic Headquarters of the Desert

Nobody who lives in Riverside or Imperial Counties is satisfied with the slow, plodding, ineffective efforts that have been made over decades in noble attempts to “Save the Salton Sea”. What we have collectively witnessed is millions and millions of dollars being spent on studies and committees and reports and panels and discussions…and then more studies. And the only thing that happens is: The Sea Keeps Shrinking!

However, in reading this press release from Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia we find ourselves reminded of The Little Engine that Could, that widely known and loved story used to teach children the value of optimism and hard work.

It is reassuring to know that our Assemblyman is working on this critical problem. He probably can’t solve the whole problem himself, but like the Little Engine in the children’s story, we know we have a “little engine” that is pulling for all of us.:

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