“Communicating to Win” Seminar on April 8th

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CDP Delegate Training

Many people are very new to politics and to the Party itself, so the convention can seem a little daunting.  The CDP is preparing six Delegate Trainings around the state, many in partnership with local County Committees and/or regions.
The link below takes you to all of the training date/location options.  You may attend any location you choose; it’s totally up to you!
The delegate training agenda begins with a brief state party history and then runs through Democratic Party structure (from the Federal Party all the way to Clubs, and everything in between).  State Committees, Caucuses, and Central Committees as avenues of engagement will be covered.  The delegate training will  also get into the nuts and bolts of Convention itself, including where people sit, credentials and credentialing, the weekend agenda, general sessions, extra activities, and how to prepare in advance for a fun, effective weekend.  There will be an open Question & Answer period. Delegate Trainings require an RSVP.
Suzan Wilkinson, Regional Director, Region 19
California Democratic Party

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Newsletter of The Pass Democrat Club

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Comments on Women’s March

I think one of our nation’s commentators said it best:  “The marchers demonstrated what they want their President to be – respectful, informed and unified”.  All over the world, with the exception of Seattle, the same decorum was observed.  Friends from Hemet in Washington, DC attending the Women’s March commented how polite, orderly, and respectful all their fellow marchers were.   Our own local March in Hemet attracted almost 100 people which was extraordinary in itself but even more so as a number brought their own signs made at home.  Our Dem club had made lots of signs the last few days and all of them were used.  A reporter who witnessed the Hemet March agreed that the participants were very polite, did not stop traffic when crossing the streets during their March, and helped one another when necessary.  I am so proud of Women, aren’t you?

— Marie McDonald, Democrats of Hemet-San Jacinto President

Congratulations to the RCDP officers elected on November 14th!

2016-rcdp-officers(From left to right:  Doris Foreman- Recording Secretary, Jackie Atwood – Controller, Howard Katz – RCDP Chair, Mary Jane Sanchez – Corresponding Secretary.)

The following RCDP officers were elected at the November 14th RCDP Re-organization Meeting:  Howard Katz – Chair, Katherine Underwood – First Vice-Chair, Doris Foreman – Recording Secretary, Jackie Atwood – Controller, Mary Jane Sanchez – Corresponding Secretary, Mary Ann Andreas – 42nd AD Vice-Chair, Bob Warburton – 56th AD Vice-Chair,  John Kopp – 60th AD Vice-Chair, and Beth Crawford – 67th AD Vice-Chair.