January issue of our RCDP newsletter, DemNews

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Comments on Women’s March

I think one of our nation’s commentators said it best:  “The marchers demonstrated what they want their President to be – respectful, informed and unified”.  All over the world, with the exception of Seattle, the same decorum was observed.  Friends from Hemet in Washington, DC attending the Women’s March commented how polite, orderly, and respectful all their fellow marchers were.   Our own local March in Hemet attracted almost 100 people which was extraordinary in itself but even more so as a number brought their own signs made at home.  Our Dem club had made lots of signs the last few days and all of them were used.  A reporter who witnessed the Hemet March agreed that the participants were very polite, did not stop traffic when crossing the streets during their March, and helped one another when necessary.  I am so proud of Women, aren’t you?

— Marie McDonald, Democrats of Hemet-San Jacinto President

Progressive News

Following a chaotic, frightening week of executive orders and the firing of an acting Attorney General, we have the following article by Elliot Cohen, Director of Strategic Studies at Johns Hopkins University. We hope you’ll take the time to read this. We think you’ll find it calming and a source of encouragement and inspiration.

Elliot Cohen article

January 23rd General Membership Meeting

It was a great RCDP General Membership meeting on January 23, 2017 in Moreno Valley. New members took their oath of office and were welcomed with applause from the other elected members. Everyone seemed energized and ready to get to work to elect Democrats!  See more pictures.

Holiday Greetings from the Riverside County Democratic Party Chair

Yean End Letter

Congratulations to the winners with RCDP Endorsements!


(Winners are listed in red.)

Congratulations to the RCDP officers elected on November 14th!

2016-rcdp-officers(From left to right:  Doris Foreman- Recording Secretary, Jackie Atwood – Controller, Howard Katz – RCDP Chair, Mary Jane Sanchez – Corresponding Secretary.)

The following RCDP officers were elected at the November 14th RCDP Re-organization Meeting:  Howard Katz – Chair, Katherine Underwood – First Vice-Chair, Doris Foreman – Recording Secretary, Jackie Atwood – Controller, Mary Jane Sanchez – Corresponding Secretary, Mary Ann Andreas – 42nd AD Vice-Chair, Bob Warburton – 56th AD Vice-Chair,  John Kopp – 60th AD Vice-Chair, and Beth Crawford – 67th AD Vice-Chair.

The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump

An interesting article published in the May 20, 2016 The New Yorker magazine, entitled The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump, and authored by Adam Gopnik, is a frightening expose on how Trump is changing the political landscape and why we must be cognizant of what is happening because of him.

You should be sure to read this article and suggest it to all of your friends and acquaintances, both Democrats and Republicans.  The link to the article is:
http://www.newyorker.com/news/daily-comment/the-dangerous-acceptance-of-donald-trump.  If at the link you cannot get to the article, please click on the following image: