2017 Chaos in Charlottesville

Chaos in Charlottesville – When Barack Obama was elected, it was said that the USA had become color-blind. Donald Trump’s rhetoric helped create and inflame the divisiveness we are witnessing in Charlottesville. We must reintensify our efforts for unity. Everyone in this country deserves our respect. Everyone has the right to “…life, liberty, and the …

2017 Las Vegas Shooting

We are saddened, mortified, and angered by the event in Las Vegas last night.  We grieve for the dead and injured.  We are mortified that mass killings continue and are becoming increasingly more horrific.  And, we are angered that the NRA and the gun lobby have paralyzed our Congress into supporting these senseless killings by …

Comments on Women’s March

I think one of our nation’s commentators said it best: “The marchers demonstrated what they want their President to be – respectful, informed and unified”. All over the world, with the exception of Seattle, the same decorum was observed. Friends from Hemet in Washington, DC attending the Women’s March commented how polite, orderly, and respectful …

DSRC Co-Sponsor NAACP Event

“Breaking down barriers to build a better tomorrow” was the subject of a forum held on October 3 in Hemet, hosted by the Southwest Riverside and the Riverside Branches of the NAACP. The Democrats of Southwest Riverside County participated as a co-sponsor of the event, which included food, entertainment and music. Howard & Kathy Katz, …

How the 2000 Election in Florida Led to a New Wave of Voter Disenfranchisement

New Motor Voter Act

The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump

An interesting article published in the May 20, 2016 The New Yorker magazine, entitled The Dangerous Acceptance of Donald Trump, and authored by Adam Gopnik, is a frightening expose on how Trump is changing the political landscape and why we must be cognizant of what is happening because of him. You should be sure to …

We are California Democrats

Democratic volunteers are winning elections and showing leadership through action across California. Watch this welcome message to the California Democrats Convention on Saturday, May 16, 2015.

Wealth Inequity in America

Robert Reich and The TPP